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ServiceSMTP - How to Clean your List

Unknown e Unroutable
ServiceSMTP sends a list of unknown and unroutable mailboxes together with the end of month statement or on request.
This allows you to maintain your list clean, and so gain (or retain) greater reliability with big providers who use this parameter (the number of errors) as one of the main methods to define sources of spam.

How to...
ServiceSMTP provides a list of these mailboxes in ASCII format.
Here below please find the simple steps required to clean up your list

First, download the file we send you by e-mail and save it to your hard disk, extracting it from the compressed file, you will then have the file C:\folder\list.txt
Warning: the steps listed below must be carried out for EACH of the lists you use (if you use more than one list to send out information)

SendBlaster will read the entire contents of the received list, and delete all the mail addresses already present in your list. As indicated above, these operations must be carried out for each of the lists you use (if you use more than one).

Other programs
Other programs could have a procedure similar to the one above, please check through your menus or ask the program makers if there is such a possibility.
Otherwise you can use a simple utility that we supply free of charge
Please download CleanList it is a simple Excel file
to use it you just have to export your list in ascii format
have our error list available
and follow the simple instructions included in the file
once your list will be cleaned you can import it back in your program.