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ServiceSMTP - Email Validation

The main aim of a mailing list is without any doubt to acquire contacts or customers and get your message through to them.

E-mail Validation (checking before sending) helps achieve this goal in various ways, with a multi-directional approach.
* It eliminates most of incorrect or obsolete emails, thus decreasing the cost of our service and freeing-up resources for more genuine contacts.
* By eliminating obsolete emails it greatly reduces the risk of being considered a spammer by services such as Hotmail, who have started to classify as spammers those who write repeatedly to mailboxes that have expired since some time.
* Also, as it ensures a low bounce (error) rate, improves the reliability of the sender and server for the receiving providers, thus increasing the probability that your email will reach the recipient's inbox.

E-mail Validation validates your mailing list. The result is a document (Excel format) containing output statistics indicating:
* duplicate emails
* incorrect emails
* emails to be retested (graylisted during the test, so potentially correct)
* valid emails

Email Validation will very quickly provide you with a clean mailing list, keeping the risk of classification as a spammer to a minimum.
The majority of errors are eliminated from your mailing list, and you only need to check the ones that fall into certain special categories:
* Yahoo network always gives a positive response to presence tests, and the error only appears when you actually attempt to send an email
* if your sender email is on the destination server's blacklist or on the recipient's blacklist, our test will give a positive result, but you will still get an error when you send
* if the contents of your message are considered spam by a filter on the destination server or in the recipient's mailbox, our test will give a positive result, but you will still get an error when you send
* if the recipient's mailbox is full, our test will give a positive result, but you will still get an error when you send
However, the situations described here represent only a small fraction of the errors that are actually found in mailing lists acquired from third parties.

How does it work?
First of all, purchase the verification profile (collection of emails) you are interested in.
Then send us the list of emails for checking: please note, the lists will be checked in blocks of 10,000 emails at a time, so it is advisable to indicate priorities to be applied when checking.
When verification has been completed, you will receive an email reporting the results, as described above.

Why use this service rather than one of the programs available on the market ?
It is not so much a question of better quality or better service, but rather a purely technical question. Basically speaking, all the programs you can buy are designed to operate at the client side, so they have to be installed on your PC, then you have to load the list and run the check.
However, this generates an error due to one of the first checks performed by the destination servers, the reverse DNS. This parameter identifies whether or not the sending server (therefore your client at that moment) is a registered mail server using a special DNS record.
This cannot be true (in 99% of cases) and so a significant number of false errors will be found.
Our service, on the other hand, is provided using a registered server, thus improving the quality of results.